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Here you can find our schedule for this autumn and winter. In all below event you can read also description in English. All our events are translated into English as well.

Little OSHO Mystic Rose with Amar

„The symbol of the mystic rose is that if a man takes care of the seed he is born with, gives it the right soil, gives it the right atmosphere and the right vibrations, moves on a right path where the seed can start growing, than the ultimate growth symbolized as the Mystic Rose: when your being blossoms and opens all its petals and releases its beautiful fragrance.“ Osho

facilitated by Amar

14.11. 2018  Prague

We will dive into ourself throught the dance, gibberish, laughter, cry, silence and sharing. We will experience deep and joyful cleaning. We will discover that space beyond the mind, where is only silence and presence.





Art of Breath

5 independent and interconnected seminars – to uncover your full potential of life

facilitated by Adhiraj and Pushan

16.11. – 18.11. 2018  Plující Oblaka – Prague (Organized Sacred Chants)

During this 5 independent and interconnected seminars you will have a opportunity to experience this unique technique of OSHO Diamond breath and other bioenergetic techniques, which helps you to relax and settle in your center. We will breath, dance, meditate and celebrate life. In a playful way we will exlore ourselves, our authentic being and inner thruth. In a safe space and with experienced facilitators.




Dance – Love – Meditation

Meditation weekend with active and tantric meditations

facilitated Prem Yatri

29. – 30.12. 2018  Prague

We invite you to the meditation workshop before the end of year. It is wonderful opportunity to let go of what you dont need anymore and make space for new. With the help of OSHO active and tantric meditations throught the body, breath, movement we will attain inner peace and discover inexhaustible source of joy and love. 





OSHO Love New Year’s Eve 2018

„no West, no East, we are ONE“

 Osho Love Praha Ha Ha team

31.12. 2018 – 1.1. 2019  Prague

Together with friends from different countries, different cultures and different languages we invite you for OSHO celebration of the beginning of 2019 with meditations, dance and being together…Celebration without drugs, in pure awareness, in joy and love.





Meditative therapy OSHO NO-Mind

so I let-go of what I dont need anymore and meet my Real-Self

facilitated by Yatri

7. – 13. 1. 2019  Prague

OSHO No-Mind is very simple and effective technique so that becomes popular amongs meditators in all over the world. And we are lucky becuase we dont need to travel abroad to experience it but Yatri will bring it to us – to Prague. Dont miss this opprtunity which you cant get otherwise so cheap 🙂





Incredible India

Meditation in daily life and on the road

guided by Sandipa

14.2. – 1.3. 2019  India

We invite you to the journey of exploration. Journey towards one self, to explore piece of Inida where meditation becomes part of daily life. Sandipa will guide and takes you to the space beyond all expectation because in India everything is possible.






OSHO Dynamic meditation

Tuesdays 6:45 am. Let Nadeen know that you are coming. Num. 601 130 789.

More info here

Evening meeting with OSHO

Different days at 18.00. More info at Sandipa 775 696 361.

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